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Subsurface Utility Investigations uses the latest training and technology. We are both licensed and insured and offer a wide variety of services to meet our customers' needs. With our professional staff, you can count on expert service in utility locating to get the job done with the highest quality and in a timely manner.


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Subsurface Utility Investigations, LLC identifies, marks, excavates and maps buried utilities. We use the latest technologies such as electromagnetic locators, acoustical, magnetic locators and ground penetrating radar in accordance with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) document 38.02 entitled Standard Guideline for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data.


Subsurface Utility Investigations, LLC deploys these technologies to provide services that improve the saftey, accuracy and efficiency in the design and construction industries.


In the design and construction industries, Subsurface Utility Investigations, LLC provides a detailed investigation on subsurface utilities that will help eliminate design changes due to utilities being discoved after construction begins. Which then reduces accidents and damage to utilities, and ultimately saving the project money and keeping it on schedule.







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