Accurate Utility Locating Services

Subsurface Utility Investigations, LLC is a service to land surveyors, engineers, contractors, and the general public that provides accurate and quality designating and mapping of existing underground utilities. We utilize the latest technology and training to provide our clients with a service that is second to none. Our services range from full service Subsurface Utility Engineering as outlined in ASCE 38.02 all the way down to helping homeowners avoid damage to their utilities, and everything in-between.

Alex Whitten, Owner

Alex has been in the Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), Civil Site Design and Land Surveying field for over 14 years. His unique skill set, extensive training and education from Middle Georgia College and State University has instilled in him a passion for what this service can bring to the Land Development Industry.


Alex has been the project manager for several large SUE projects including 2 gas pipe replacement programs. One of which was a 24" high pressure gas main stretching 5 miles through Downtown Atlanta. Others include Kennesaw State University, Southern Regional Hospital, Northside Hospital just to name a few.


Alex knows the art of utility locating. He is a NULCA (Natinal Utility Locating Contractors Association) certified utility locator. He has had extensive manufacturer training in the latest techniques and equipment in the industry today.


Alex is a member of the Common Ground Alliance (CGA).


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