Private Utility Locating

One-Call System:

The One-Call systems in Georgia and throughout the Southeast contact utility owners when a ticket is called in. These owners are then responsible for locating THEIR utilities. Some of them use a contractor to locate for them. THEIR utilities will stop typically at the meter, or for communications at a control box.


The Private Utilities:

For the homeowner, you are typically left with a private water line from the meter at the road to your home. The rest of the meters are typically on the house. For commercial, industrial, educational and governmental properties the underground infrastructure of utilities can be very complex. If hit they can be costly to the business, and the safety of those working.

How We Help:

If you are Designing, constructing or drilling, on sites where private utilities are present, having them located and marked before commencing provides a safer working environment and prevents costly damage to the utility.  At Subsurface Utility Investigations we will inquire with the property owners and mainenance staff to provide any knowledge of private utilities on the property. We then go into the mechanical rooms (or other access points) of the utilities and connect directly to them to verifiy their locations before to marking them on the ground.

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